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2 Row Pale Malt (1 lb - Pre-Milled) - Toronto Brewing

2-Row Pale Malt (4 lb - Pre-Milled)

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Probably the most commonly used base malt in all-grain or partial-mash brewing.  2-row is well modified, smooth, and high in enzymes. Used as a Lager malt, 2-row is less well modified in the malting process making it better suited to a program temperature mash.

A large proportion of modern beer styles use 2-row as the basis for their fermentables due to it's ability to produce alcohol with a more neutral flavor than Pilsner or Maris Otter malts.

2-row typically has a high protein content and a thick husk which is rich in polyphenols (tannins), which can lead to protein haze and astringency. Additionally, 2-row tends to be lower in enzyme and protein levels and has a thinner husk than the 6-row malt.

Typical Beer Style(s):Any

Recommended Maximum Usage: 100%

Possible Substitution(s):Lager, Maris Otter, Pilsen, more...