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    Paintball Tank Adapter for CGA320 Standard CO2 Regulator

    USED FOR CGA320 REGULATOR INSTALLED TO PAINBAIN TANKS, Female part with raised bosses can push open the painball tank pin valve, and inner smooth...

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    Original Price $17.99
    Current Price $10.99
    Save 39%

Toronto Brewing offers a CO2 Tank Exchange Program. Bring in your Toronto Brewing stickered tank and swap out for a full tank without having to wait for a fill. Not currently part of our exchange program? No problem! We can send your tank out for inspection with our profession gas distributor and have recertified if necessary (A $29.99 Refurbishment fee would apply to any tanks needing Hydrostatic Testing). Once your tank has passed inspection you are now enrolled in our exchange program!

Please Note we CANNOT ship full tanks.

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