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The Hangover® and Whirlpool Arm

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Add an adjustable 1/2" NPT upper port to your brewing equipment instantly.

No cutting or welding required!

Laser cut from 100% USA 304 stainless steel, The Hangover® securly attaches to your brew vessel to safely connect attachments over, on, or in your brewing vessels. Whirlpooling, sparging, mash recirculation, and more are now readily available to any brewer with any type of equipment!

If you are a brewer wishing to take advantage of the advanced techniques above, you typically have 3 choices:
  • Upgrade to much more expensive equipment.
  • Attempt to drill a hole in your kettle and risk damage or user error (ouch).
  • Send your kettles out to custom fabrication shops for ports to be added. This can take a long time as many shops are backed up or the process simply takes time in general.
With The Hangover®, new NPT ports can be attached in seconds, not weeks. Best of all, if you upgrade your gear or need an extra port in an unexpected location, just detach The Hangover® and move it to a new location or vessel. Elegant, simple, done.
The explosion of IPA's over the past years is a testament to the incredible flavor combinations that have been obtained by brewers seeking to gain more from their hop selections and techniques. One of the most popular additions to breweries over this same time period has been the whirlpool arm. Originally whirlpools were used to push sediment to the center of your kettle and avoid trub from entering the fermenter. However brewers quickly discovered much more interesting uses when attempting to fully maximize hop flavor and aromas in their beer.


By continually recirculating wort in a vortex fashion, brewers found that a whirlpool arm can positively impact the beer's flavor profile at various temperatures. By providing more surface contact to hop material when passing over and through wort during the constant agitation of a whirlpool, modern dank IPA's were born! For explosive hop flavors the whirlpool arm has become a standard in any IPA lovers brewhouse.

With a Hangover®, whirlpooling becomes an easy addition to your brewery. No need to buy new vessels or spend time and money making additions to your kettles. Simply attach a Hangover® and whirlpool arm to your kettle.

Finally, being fully adjustable, you can completely control the depth and angle of your vortex. This allows you to use the attachment in kettles ranging from 5 gallon all the way to 1 barrel sizes.