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Highland HopYard Hop Rhizomes - Limited Stock Available Until May 17!

Limited Stock Available Until May 17! Available to ship and pickup in store.
1. Pre-order your hop rhizomes now below!
  2. Pickup in April/May (or have shipped),
3. Plant and grow your own hops every year.
(Note: Please place rhizome preorders separately from other orders).

About Highland Hop Yard

Co-founders, Steve Ormsby and Will Dempster have known each other their entire lives. Growing up in Meaford, ON., the two developed an affinity for their small community and an appreciation for local collaboration. After spending the better part of a decade living and working abroad, we reconnected in 2013 with the ambition of creating a project that would return them to their routes and positively impact their childhood community. Enter Highland Hop Yard (HHY).

Built on nineteen acres of pristine farmland that has been in the Ormsby family for six generations, HHY was incorporated in 2015 and a four-acre trellis system was established. In the spring of 2016 a total of 3000 Cascade, Chinook and Centennial field grade plants will take root. It is Steve and Will’s hope that these plants, along with their future expansions, will contribute to some of Ontario’s finest brews for people across the province to enjoy!

Highland HopYard

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