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South African African Queen Pellet Hops (1 lb)

South African African Queen Pellet Hops (1 lb)

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African Queen hops, formerly known as Experimental Hop 98J17/63, are a South African hop variety that is brand new.

This special flavour aroma hop has uniquely intriguing characteristics. Bred as an IPA hop, it contributes strong citrus, stone fruit, black currant, and gooseberry notes. Perfect for late additions to IPAs and American Pale Ales.

Brewing Usage: Aroma

Aroma: Gooseberry, sweet fruits, cassis, clove, lemongrass, chilies

Typical Alpha Acid Levels: 12-17%. Aroma hop. Unique fruit flavours and aromas.

Typical Beer Styles: IPA, Pale Ale, Sour, NEIPA, Golden Ale, SMaSH Beers