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Kegerator Line Cleaning Kit with Pump (Sanke) - Toronto Brewing

Kegerator Line Cleaning Kit with Pump (Sanke)

  • $74.99

Pump activated line cleaning kit for use with Sanke (commercial) kegerator systems. Easy to use and a great way to keep your kegerator lines spotlessly clean. It's recommended that you clean your lines between each keg to ensure no stale beer product makes it's way into your glass.

    • Kegerator Faucet Wrench
    • 13" Double Sided Cleaning Brush
    • BLC Cleaning Solution 4oz

    Usage: Dilute 1oz of BLC into 2 quarts of tap water. Connect cleaning pump to Sanke coupler and place a container or hose on kegerator faucet. Open faucet and pump BLC through lines until it runs out the faucet. Let BLC stand in lines for 15 minutes. Pump all BLC through the lines and disconnect pump. Drain pump of any BLC and fill with fresh water. Reconnect and pump water through beer lines to flush.