Anderson Brown Ale (355mL)


(Ships within Ontario or available for pick-up at 211 Geary Ave location only)

Brown Ales originated as early as the 1700’s as one of the elements of English porters, and were first known as “milds” due to their relative lack of hop bitterness and young character.

Our Brown Ale is a stronger, more robustly flavoured take on the traditional “mild” beer.   Nutty and biscuit notes give way to mild milk chocolate flavours, and a light espresso-like finish.  

Try paring it with meaty pub food, other roasted dishes, or food with complex, earthy vegetable flavours such as brown rice and mushrooms.

Format: 355mL can
Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 4.6%
Brewery: Anderson Craft Ales
Location: London, Ontario