Badlands Brewing Company - Stashmere - IPA (6.5% ABV)


(Ships within Ontario only - not available for pick-up)

473 mL can

🦉Stashmere is Hoots (i.e. our Badlands owl) alter ego. You see, us humanoid peasants from Earth don’t really know Hoot the way Hoot is known back on his planet of Owlis-Strigiformes. Back home, he’s a real super star. He can’t really go out without being bothered, because just like here on Earth, paparazzis are all up in his grill. And so, out of a need for normalcy, and being able to just buy some damn groceries in peace, Stashmere doth be born!

Stashmere is an IPA born out of our dual hop program. Hopped with (St)rata and C(ashmere), we taste sweet citrus, dank melon and grapefruit.