Badlands Brewing DORA #41 (473mL)

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Dora is our exploratory series of beers where we mess around with anything/everything from ingredients to process.

This particular version sees us push things even further toward creamland. We built one of the heftiest base beers in our repertoire, both in terms of grist and water chemistry, and assaulted it with the all star fruit trio of Citra, Sabro and the newcomer, Talus. This baby is flufffffffffffffFY and finishes medium dry, just the way we like it. Do they call that balance?

We taste a beautiful fruit bouquet of tangerine, coconut, mixed citrus and some hints of pink grapefruit. Intense in all the right ways. 

473 mL can
Style: IPA
Alcohol/Vol: 6.5%
Made In: Caledon, ON
Brewed By: Badlands Brewing Company