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Coopers Beer Kit Pilsner '86 Days' (5 Gallon/19 Litre) - Toronto Brewing

Coopers Beer Kit Pilsner '86 Days' (5 Gallon/19 Litre)

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A pale straw coloured beer with a bold, spicy Saaz hop aroma. Crisp and dry with cleansing bitterness. Thomas Coopers Pilsener is made from premium 2 - row pale malt and barley, bittering hops and a generous amount of aromatic Saaz hops. Fermentation with the true lager yeast, supplied, at temperatures below 68F (20C) will produce an excellent example of the pilsener style. This refill contains a Pilsener Concentrate and yeast. Just add water for fermenting and bottling sugar or carbonation drops at bottling time!

SRM: 3
IBU: 22
OG: 1.036
FG: 1.007
ABV: 3.9%
Difficulty: Easy
Makes: Approx. 5 Gallons/19 Litres of finished beer