Henderson The Myth of Permanence: New Zealand Pilsner (473mL)


(Ships within Ontario or available for pick-up at 211 Geary Ave location only)

The eighth in a monthly series of limited-releases showcasing various lager styles and, of course, meditating on the transience of all things, this one is a collaboration with our friends from Betty’s! This slightly hazy, golden pilsner has a crisp, light body and is slightly dry hopped to give it that resinous character. Notes of white wine grapes, gooseberries, and dank, spicy hops all contribute to a refreshing sip, leaving behind a lingering bitterness.

There is only a limited quantity so, while you might want this beer to stick around forever, it won’t.

Format: 473mL can
Style: New Zealand Pilsner
ABV: 5.2%
Brewery: Henderson Brewing
Location: Toronto, Ontario