Rosewood Estates x Willibald No Bad Days - Sangria (1500mL)


(Ships within Ontario or available for pick-up at 211 Geary Ave location only)

Life might send ya for a loop but here at Rosewood we say, “No Bad Days”. We made this collaborative dry sangria using our own red press wine, Willibald Pink Gin, Norfolk County Blueberry juice, Niagara Peaches and our honey wine.

Packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable wine pouches. They are freezer proof, stay fresh for up to one month once open and an ideal drinking partner for the porch, backyard, park, beach or golf course.

Add your favourite fruit or sparkling water to jazz it up a few notches. Garnish with fresh basil.

Store and serve well chilled over ice.

Format: 1500mL bag ('Bagnum')
Style: Sangria w Red Wine, Pink Gin, Blueberry Juice, Peaches & Mead
Producer: Rosewood Estates
Location: Beamsville, Ontario