SNR Beverage Line Cleaner Powder (475g)


Alkaline-based powdered beer line cleaner for short beverage systems and brewing equipment. Easily removes beer stone, biomass, organics, and mineral deposits from short-run draft systems. No need to flush with water, use the beverage to push out chemical solution at end of cleaning cycle. Formulated with a food-grade rinse additive to help indicate when the solution is completely flushed from the lines.

No water rinse needed.

For direct draw systems, tap boxes, and other short-run systems 
Also use on coils, rods, faucets, fittings, carboys, parts and more
Works with all electrical, mechanical and hand driven cleaning units

Instructions for use:

  1. Add ½ oz SNR for each quart of water. 
  2. Drain out beer and run solution into line. 
  3. Circulate or let stand in lines for at least 15 minutes .
  4. Re-tap and allow beverage to flow until clear beer appears.
  5. Draw 1 glass of beverage and discard.