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Adeena Hop Pellets

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Meet Adeena, the latest release from the ADHA breeding program. Also known as ADHA- 1940, Adeena was initially selected for exceptional vigor, yield, disease resistance, and similarity to Willamette.

Following years of expansion, observation, and brewing trials, Adeena has shown herbal and spicy flavor characteristics, with light floral, lemon and pine notes. Adeena has an alpha range between 3.5-5.0%, beta range between 3.0-4.0% and oils ranging from 0.8-1.1. The ~1:1 alpha:beta ratio lends a low, smooth bitterness with a clean finish exceptionally suited for lagers, pilsners, kölsch, and ales.

Meaning noble, gentle, and delicate, Adeena is a cross between Summit and an English male, has been used as a replacement for Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Styrian Golding.

Aroma: herbal, spicy, light floral, lemon, pine notes

Typical Analytical Range

Alpha: 3.5-5.0%
Beta: 3.0-4.0%
Co-Hum: 34-38%
Total Oil: 0.8-1.1 ml/100g
Myrcene: 27.3-29.43% of total oils
Caryoph: 14.6-21.9% of total oils
Humulene: 31.3-45.4% of total oils
Farnesene: 4.3-6.6% of total

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