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Apollo Pellet Hops

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Super-alpha hop Apollo was first bred in 2000 by Hopsteiner and released to the public in 2006. it is descended from Zeus and two other unnamed USDA varieties. It tends to be quite expensive, though quantities used tend to be smaller due to its ultra-high concentration of alpha-acids.

To its credit, Apollo’s abundance of alpha acids also come with a sharp, clean bittering profile with other highly desirable factors being great storage stability and disease tolerance. It is usually employed alongside aroma hops in order to achieve balance but when used as a late addition or dry hop itself, some grapefruit notes become evident.

Brewing Usage: Bittering
Storage Stability: 80-90% alpha remaining after 6 months T
ypical Beer Style(s): India Pale Ale, Imperial India Pale Ale, Experimental Beers
Typical Alpha Acid Levels: 15-20%
Possible Substitution(s): Nugget, Columbus, Zeus, Magnum, Millennium
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