Basic Ball Lock Homebrew Kegging Kit for Four 1.75 Gallon Cornelius Kegs with Beer Shanks, 4 Way Gas Manifold, and Dual Gauge Regulator

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This Basic Ball Lock Homebrew Kegging Kit with, CO2 Tank and Regulator contains everything you need to pour homebrew from four ball lock corny kegs using a chrome faucets instead of basic picnic taps, including a four shanks to create a passthroughs through a fridge door or wall.


  • 4x 1.75 Gallon Ball Lock Cornelius Keg (New)
  • 15 ft Gas Line
  • 24 ft Beverage Line
  • 18 x Hose Clamps
  • 4x CM Becker Barbed Gas Disconnect
  • 4x CM Becker Barbed Beverage Disconnect
  • Taprite Dual Gauge Regulator (Zinc Bonnet)
  • 4x Stainless Steel Beer Shank, 1/4" Bore (6.125")
  • 4x Chrome Faucet
  • 4x Black Plastic Tap Handle
  • 4x Tail Piece Assemblies 


Note: CO2 tanks are sold separately and cannot be shipped pressurized/filled.