Brewer's Best Grapefruit IPA Extract Homebrew Recipe Kit - 1 Gallon/4 Litre

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"Our grapefruit IPA is brewed using real grapefruit peel and natural grapefruit flavouring to enhance the citrusy notes of the select hops. A light, malty sweet character rounds out this glass of tropical bliss!"

This Recipe Kit Includes:

  • Malt Extract
  • Steeping Grains
  • Muslin Steeping Bag
  • Bottle Caps
  • Priming Sugar
  • Vacuum-Sealed Hops
  • Premium Dry Yeast
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions

ABV: 5% - 5.5%
Difficulty: Beginner
Makes: Approx. 1 Gallon