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BULK HOPS | Cashmere Pellet Hops (5kg) - $10.82/lb (Crop Year 2022)

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5kg - $10.82/lb (Crop Year 2022)

  • Liquidation from a local brewery partner.
  • Hops have been stored in a freezer
  • Puterbaugh Farm (Hops Direct)

A great dual-purpose hop that’s perfectly suited for beer styles like Pale Ales, IPAs, Saisons, American Blonde, and American Amber. Its key flavours are lemon, lime, and melon.

Released in 2013, through a WSU hop-breeding program, Cashmere hop is a daughter of female Cascade and male Northern Brewer. It is a public variety, which means anyone can grow it.

Cashmere stands as a good dual-purpose hop. It flourishes when used for aroma and flavor in hop-forward styles of beer. Exotic tropical notes shine when it compliments sour, fruited, or funky ales.

Cashmere hop is delicate, yet strong with aromas of lemon, lime, peach, and tangerine. Secondary notes include coconut, lemongrass, and candied fruit. While it maintains a smooth and clean bitterness when used as a bittering hop thanks to its low cohumulone.

Brewing Usage: Dual Use
Aroma: Spice, floral, melon, tangerine, lemon. 
Typical Alpha Acid Level: 7-9%
Typical Beer Style(s): IPA, Pale Ale, NEIPA
Possible Substitution(s): Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial