Dual Cobra Tap - Basic Kit (Ball Lock Cornelius)


Looking for an affordable way to start dispensing from kegs? This basic kit is the ideal starter kit if you want simplicity and portability. 

Simply connect the picnic faucet assembly to the liquid out-post of your keg and connect your gas line from your regulator to the gas in-post of your keg and you are ready to go! For the best results we suggest setting the regulator to 12-14 PSI.


  • Dual Gauge Regulator
  • CM Becker Ball Lock Disconnects
  • Plastic Picnic "Cobra" Tap
  • 6' Beer Line
  • 4' Gas Line
  • Hose Clamps

A Note About Gas Manifolds:
All manifold comes with 1/4"" OD inlet (to ft 5/16" gas hose) and 5/16" OD outlets. Each outlet valve has a built in check valve to protect from harmful back-flow damaging your equipment.

A Note About Taprite Regulators:
Taprite premium regulators are approved for use by all major breweries. Their shutoff valve is a ball-type check-valve that prevents product from backing-up into the regulator. Featuring a "Shut down" safety system that blows off at 55 to 60 PSI, the permanent quad-ring seal helps eliminate any sources of leaks.

Other Features:

  • Solid brass body
  • Extra long nipple
  • Heavy duty UL rated dual gauges
  • LH threaded ports with CGA 320 shank and nut