Escarpment Laboratories - Lactobacillus Blend

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A blend of two Lactobacillus species, L. brevis and L. plantarum. This blend is designed to be usable at a wide range of temperatures, and is especially suited for kettle souring/sour worting. We recommend pre-acidifying wort to 4.5 with lactic acid, then pitching the Lactobacillus blend in a CO2-purged kettle or fermentor at 32-42ºC.

Instructions for kettle/quick souring: 

    1. Pasteurize wort at 180F/82C for 10 mins prior to pitching Lacto (if you can't purge with CO2 in the next step, do a short boil here)
    2. Chill to 45C/113F, purge with CO2, and pitch Lacto Blend
    3. Cover/seal and Insulate kettle/fermentor/souring vessel - with this blend, it's OK if the temperature drops to 30C/86F over time.
    4. Check pH or taste - typically, this blend hits the desired pH range (3.2-3.7 depending on beer style) within 18-36 hours. 
    5. Boil to kill off the Lacto, chill, treat it like a normal beer from here on out (or don't - but we do recommend a full boil at some point in the process to reduce DMS in the wort).


    Attenuation NA
    Flocculation NA
    Optimum Fermentation Temp. 32-42°C
    Alcohol Tolerance NA
    Laboratory Escarpment Laboratories
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