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French Strisselspalt Pellet Hops (1 oz) - Toronto Brewing

French Strisselspalt Pellet Hops (1 oz)

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Strisselspalt Hops is one of the few varieties from France, and other varieties from the country include Elsasser, Precoce de Bourgogne, and Tardif de Bourgogne. Strisselspalt is a natural variety grown mainly around Stasbourg.

Strisselspalt is used around the world, and is sought after for its aromatic qualities. It has helped to shape many of the varying style beers from the French breweries. Its a low yielding plant of medium size cones which are moderately compact. Despite the susceptibility to disease and fungus, Strisselspalt lives on due to the demand of this industry shaping hops variety.

Brewing Usage: Aroma

Pedigree: Major aroma hops of the Alsace area of France near Strasbourg

Storage Stability: Fair to Good

Typical Beer Style(s): Belgian Ale

Possible Substitution(s): Crystal, Mt. Hood, German Hersbruker, more...


Source: Beer Legends