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German Northern Brewer Pellet Hops (1 lb) - Toronto Brewing

German Northern Brewer Pellet Hops (1 lb)

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Northern Brewer Hops is an England native who is seeing its days live out mainly in Germany and the U.S. There is a separate U.S. hops variety that was bred in the United States that has similar properties. This dual use hops had a higher alpha acid content for the time, however super alphas have doubled, even tripled the content since back in the day. With that said Northern Brewer hops grown in Germany, sometimes referred to as Hallertau Northern Brewer if grown in the region, has made its mark and is used throughout beer styles such as European Ales, Lagers, and Pilsners. It is also synonymous with steam beers as in Anchor Steam.

Northern Brewer hops is used for both bittering and aroma additions in the kettle. It has an alpha acid content of 7.0%-10.0% and is a well rounded variety. The bitterness is moderate and the aroma comes off as plump. As one of Germany's main high alpha hops, Northern Brewer is both versatile yet refined.

Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose

Pedigree: A cross between an American wild hop and an English male

Storage Stability: Fair

Typical Beer Style(s): Ale. Bitter

Possible Substitution(s): Chinook, Galena, more...

Source: Beer Legends 

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