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Glacier | 15 BBL Jacketed Brite Tank (JBBT-15-BBL)

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Carbonate, condition, and serve your beer with this microbrewery-sized 15 BBL jacketed brite tank from Glacier Tanks. This tank is pressure rated to 14.7 PSI and can be connected to a glycol temperature control system.


Glacier Tanks' 15 bbl jacketed Brite tanks have a 465 gallon working volume with 25% head space for approximately 581.25 gallons total volume. The Brite tank comes standard with a 3mm thick SS304 tank body with glycol dimple jacket and 2 mm SS304 clad layer. Brite Tanks have a dish bottom, adjustable legs with oversize feet, shadowless side manway, custom racking arm, custom CIP pipe with sprayball, and a 1.5 in. drain. The 15 bbl Brite tank comes with a 1 year warranty and includes all valves, clamps, gaskets, thermometer, thermowell, pressure gauge, sample valve, and a second thermowell welded into the tank body. Each Brite tank is pressure rated at 14.7 psi.

For a matching unitank fermenter, see JFMU-15-BBL.


• Working volume - 465 gallons
• Approximate total volume - 581.25 gallons
• 25 % head space
• 1 Year Warranty
• Dimple jacket for glycol with 2 mm SS304 clad layer over jacket
• Adjustable legs with oversize round feet


Material  304 stainless steel
Total volume 2200.03 L / 581.25 Gal / 18.75 BBL
Working volume (25% headspace) 1760.02 L / 465 Gal / 15 BBL
Jacket volume 33.9 L / 8.96 Gal
Jacket coverage 3.82 m2 / 41.10 ft2
Insulation  50 mm Perlite


Size Type
PRV Port 1.5"  Tri-Clamp
CIP Pipe 1.5" Tri-Clamp
CIP Port 2.5" Tri-Clamp
Thermowell (1) 1" Tri-Clamp
Thermowell (2) 0.5" Female NPT
Sample Port 1.5" Tri-Clamp
Bottom Drain
1.5" Tri-Clamp
Carbonation Port 1.5"  Tri-Clamp
Level Port 1" Tri-Clamp
Jacket Port (IN) 1" Male NPT
Jacket Port (OUT) 1" Male NPT
Manway 22" x 18" Shadowless

    Rough Dimensions (see downloads for detail)
Max. Height  263.5 cm
Tank Max. Diameter 120 cm
Tank + Jacket Max. Diameter 130 cm
Height of CIP Pipe Inlet 120 cm
Height to Manway Centre 101.9 cm
Height of Bottom Drain Pipe Outlet 17.5 cm