Heater for CF5 Conical | Spike Brewing


Unfortunately some of us will have to heat our conicals during the long Winter months. No fear, we have the solution! Each conical has its own sized heater and the wattage of each is carefully designed to match it. We also use a built in thermostat which stops the heater from getting too warm. This means you get a gentle warming action when your beer drops below your desired temp (opposed to rapid heating which can overshoot or 'cook' your beer). Heating wort/beer is also quite useful when kettle souring, fermenting warm saisons or any beer with with kveik yeast!

Our heater attaches to our insulated conical jacket via Velcro. It rests on the bottom cone section of the conical where the coldest liquid is. This will give the most even temperature throughout your fermenter (happy yeast!).


  • Different wattage for each heater to match the size of the fermenter
  • Built in thermostat to prevent the heater from overheating your wort
  • 5' long cord
  • Made in the USA

Included in TC-100 temperature control bundle for CF5

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