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Still Spirits HT Alpha Amylase Enzyme (4 g) - Toronto Brewing

Still Spirits HT Alpha Amylase Enzyme (4 g)

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To be used with Distiller's Yeasts when starch is used in your recipe. By converting starches to sugars, they are able to be converted to alcohol and increase the potency of your initial washes.


  • Make up a wash with 15 L of water and 4 kg of starch.
  • Add the 4 g sachet of Alpha Amylase to and keep at 70 degrees C overnight and your starch will be converted to sugar.
  • Measure using a refractometer or simply taste for sweetness.

Note: If you want to utilize this enzyme at a higher temperature, Alpha Amylase can handle temperatures up to 85 degrees before denaturing.