Imperial Organic Yeast - A07 - Flagship


Commonly referred to as "chico" this yeast is a craft brewing standard, loved for its extremely clean character.

This strain is the go-to for craft brewers, highly popular- this strain performs well at standard ale temperatures but can be used in the low 60s to produce exceptionally crisp ales. Flocculation is in the middle of the road and will typically require filtration or fining to achieve crystal clear beers. 

Attenuation 73-77%
Flocculation Medium-Low
Optimum Fermentation Temp. 60-72°F
Alcohol Tolerance 12%

Yeast Strain Profile:

American, Chico, Clean, Crisp, Low Flocculation, Versatile

Recommended Beer Styles:

American Stout, American IPA, American Pale Ale

Similar Strains:

A01 House, A10 Darkness, A31 Tartan, A15 Independence