Imperial Organic Yeast - B48 - Triple Double


Classic high gravity Belgain strain for Trappist-style ales.

The perfect strain for your classic abbey ales. Triple Double produces moderate esters with low to no phenolic characteristics. This strain is tried and true and works perfectly in a production environment. Keep an eye on Triple Double, it likes to sit on top of the wort throughout fermentation which may result in a slower than normal fermentation. This strain is very alcohol tolerant, so don't be afraid to throw high gravity worts its way. 

Attenuation 74-78%
Flocculation Medium
Optimum Fermentation Temp. 65-77°F
Alcohol Tolerance 12%

Yeast Strain Profile:

Alcohol-Tolerant, Belgian, Esters, Fruity, Low-Phenol, Abbey

Recommended Beer Styles:

Belgian Triple, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Dubbel

Similar Strains:

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