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Insulated Jacket For CF10 Conical | Spike Brewing

  • $114.99

"Our insulated conical jacket uses high quality, extra thick, yet flexible neoprene material to insulate your conical from the worst ambient conditions be it a hot garage or cold basement. Each custom designed, hand stitched (in the USA) jacket is custom tailored to fit each size of our conical line. Our jacket was designed by a former Lululemon designer because if you're going to cover up shiny stainless steel it better look amazing. We think she did the trick!"


- Sewn in the USA (of imported fabric from Japan and China)
- Reinforced stitching around all ports, legs and handles for extra strength
- Helps maintain stable fermentation temps regardless of ambient conditions
- Stops the tank from ‘sweating’ in warm weather
- Interior Velcro for attaching the optional heater
- Machine washable