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Czech Kazbek Pellet Hops (1 oz) - Toronto Brewing

Czech Kazbek Pellet Hops (1 oz)

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Kazbek offers the classic noble spice of Saaz combined with earthy, lemon peel overtones.
Primarily used for aroma and flavour - Czech brewers favour it for late additions. Recommended as a finishing or dry hop for craft lagers, or anywhere a noble hop character with a higher intensity and oil content may be desired.
Similar to Saaz, but turned up to 11. Can show a dominant bright citrus note of lemon or grapefruit, but never obscures the quintessential mixture of floral and earthy spice of its Saaz parent.

AA: 5.0-8.0%
Usage: Aroma
Style(s): Pilsner, Lager, Belgian styles