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Keggle Copper Immersion Wort Chiller with Vinyl Tubing (50' x 1/2") - Toronto Brewing

Keggle Copper Immersion Wort Chiller with Vinyl Tubing (50' x 1/2")

  • $174.99

A premium immersion chiller made with 50 feet of 1/2" high quality, USA made copper tubing. It is built to suit a converted keg or similar sized pot, intended for batches over five gallons, but will chill a five gallon batch from boil to 75 degrees in as little as 5 minutes.* It is ergonomically designed with the inlet/outlet serving as "handles" to aid in swirling and transportation.

Whether you're brewing with extract or all-grain, bringing down the temperature of the wort quickly in order to pitch the yeast is an essential step in homebrewing. Lowering the temperature quickly reduces chances of contaminating your beer with wild yeasts and bacteria, and will reduce the levels of DMS (dimethyl sulfide) that can ruin a beer's aroma. A quick chilling of the wort will also improve clarity in the final product.

When using an immersion chiller there's no unnecessary transferring to different containers, and there's no need to dilute the wort with cold water. Just drop the immersion chiller in to the brew pot. The preferred method of sanitation is to make sure it is clean to the eye and submerge the coil portion of the chiller in to the wort during the last 15 minutes of the boil, this will kill any wild yeasts or unsanitary pests that might be introduced. Once the brew pot is taken off the boil, you can begin cooling immediately by hooking up the line and turning on the water.

• (2) 3' lengths of clear vinyl tubing
(4) strong stainless steel hose clamps
• (
1) 3/4" heavy duty female swivel garden hose fitting
• Simple Assembly Instructions
• (Ships Unassembled)
Chiller dimensions:
• 9" Coil Diameter
• 11" Coil Height
• 26.5" Inlet/Outlet Height