Liquid Isinglass - Clarifier (120 ml)

  • No need to filter once used.
  • Does not alter the flavour or aroma wine or beer.
  • Liquid Isinglass is a Positively charged fining agent.
  • Traditionally used for beer but can also be used for wine.
  • Instructions: 60ml per six gallons (23L)of beer or wine.

Liquid Isinglass Fining Additive is made from dried swim bladders of fish and wields a strong positive charge that helps to bind the ions responsible for the haze in the beer. In contrast to other fining agents commonly used in brewing, it doesn’t need to be boiled and chilled down to have a considerable effect on the beverage. As a result, Liquid Isinglass can be used not only in beer brewing, but also for clarifying wine, mead, cider, and any other homemade beverage with excellent results.

Contains animal products, not Vegetarian