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Mini Jet Pump Filter Pad #3 (3-pack) - Toronto Brewing

Mini Jet Pump Filter Pad #3 (3-pack)

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Filter Pads - #3 Coarse - 22 cm

Ideal for polishing. Brings highest clarity to wine. Extracts high percentage of yeast cells. Decreases, changes of Re-fermentation before bottling. Sterile filters are used to remove all traces of yeast from your wine. You should pre-filter with a fine pad before using sterile pads. Recommended for filtering sweet wines such as Port, Sherry and Ice Wine. Single use pack. Filtration greatly enhances the appearance of homemade wines. They can make a clear commercially "brilliant" and a hazy or cloudy wine clear. Care must be taken to use an anti-oxidant while filtering and not to over filter by using the correct filter pad number.