Sputnik Mobile Beer Cooler - 1 Product Line and Digital Thermostat


This single tap electric jockey box offers a revolutionary, ice-free method of dispensing beer called “dry cooling.”

Mobile beers coolers like this offer instant cooling wrapped up in an easy-to-use package that is perfect for beer festivals, small bars or brewery tasting rooms. All you need to do is plug the unit into a power outlet and connect the beer lines to start pouring ice-cold beer - no ice required!

Capable of dispensing up to 20 litres of beer per hour, it is an ideal beverage dispenser for any outdoor event or picnic.

Just plug the unit into power outlet and connect the beer lines to poor ice cold beer with NO ICE REQUIRED!

Name SPUTNIK-1/6
Capacity, l/h (ΔT = 28°F) 20
Dedicated Circuit, amp 2.8
Voltage, V/Hz 115/60
Compressor Power, HP 1/6
Power consumption, Wt 350
Operating amperage, A 2.8
Refrigerant R134a
Ready time (Tamb=75°F), min 15
Outlet temperature, °F 35.6-42.8
Number of Product Lines, Coils 1
Operating ambient temperature, °F 75
Power cord length, ft 6.6
Dimensions W x D x H, in 8 x 16 x 15
Net Weight, lbs 58/68