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Noëlla Morantin Les Pichiaux 2019 - White Wine (750mL)

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Light and dry with restrained acidity. Notes of stonefruit, lemongrass, buttered toast and soft minerality.

Noëlla Morantin's work is respectful of the earth, the grapes, the wines and the consumers. Since 2011, she decided to do without the AOC and remains in Vin de France. In the heart of the Loire Valley Castles, Noëlla is fully committed to the natural wine approach. Frank and sincere wines, full of vitality and liveliness. Coming from the world of advertising, marketing and communication, Noëlla Morantin decides quite radically and quickly to drop everything to learn more about wine (BTS Viti-Oeno) without having the idea of becoming a winemaker. Noëlla did her internships, from 2001 to 2003, at Winery Mosse and fell with both feet in the Natural Wine family! Then she moved on to Marc Pesnot (Muscadet). In 2004, the year she graduated, she met Junko Arai, a Japanese importer and owner of Winery Bois Lucas and started her training there. In 2008, Noëlla took the plunge and bought grapes.    

From 2009, rental of 8.5 ha of vines, organic since 1991. Finally, in 2011, purchase of its first vines (3.8 ha at Bois Lucas). Work in the vineyards: surface ploughing, discs, interceps, claws. Hand-picking, in crates. Vinification: for the reds, vatting in wooden vats, whole bunches of grapes, then a carbo on 'Mon Cher' and a traditional one on 'La Boudinerie', both gamay vintages. For the côt, millefeuilles between whole and destemmed bunches. The whites: direct pressing, put into barrels after a night of settling, matured for a year or more, barrels and tons (of 400 l).

750mL bottle

Style: White Wine
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2019
Region: Loire Valley, France
Producer: Noëlla Morantin


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