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Phantasm Thiol Powder - 2.5 oz

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The Power of Powder. Unlocking strong tropical fruit aromas in your beer isn’t a fantasy, it’s Phantasm. This powder made from Marlborough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grape skins is incredibly rich in Thiol precursors and when added to a fermenting beer, creates an extra boost of Sauvignon Blanc grape, citrus, guava, and passion fruit to your beer. Pair with Omega's new Thiolized yeast Cosmic Punch  to unlock more thiols and supercharge juicy tropical fruit notes in any beer. 

What are Thiols?

Thiols are a naturally occurring organic compound high in aromatic molecules. You’ll find them in the grapes, hops, and even grain. The Marlborough region of New Zealand has high levels of thiols, which is what led to the research that led to this new product. 

Phantasm Thiol Powder Usage Rate:

14 - 28 grams per gallon (0.5 - 1 oz per gallon), usually added during active fermentation. Usage rates vary depending on yeast selection, hop selection, and when Phantasm is added. 2.5 - 5 oz per 5 Gallon batch.