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Scrubber Duckys Home Brew Cleaning Kit for Carboys

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Magnetic Carboy Scrubbers!  Drop a magnetic scrubber into your dirtiest glass and be able to scrub the inside, from the outside. Finally be able to reach & remove those grimy spots you never could before! These magnetic scrubbers are EXTREMELY strong and not meant for glass thinner than 4mm.

All NEW Kit Design! 3 Scrubbers included!

  • 2 Sizes of Scrubbers
  • Even Stronger Magnets 26 lb rated 
  • Washable + Reusable Scrubbers

NEW Scrubber Duckys kit includes (3) magnetic scrubbers and (1) one heavy-duty, rubber coated, magnetic outer handle.

  • Our NEW scrubbers are washable and can also be cut to size to fit into slightly smaller containers. Wash with hot water and Scrubber Duckys Cleaner.
  • Ducky is the perfect size to fit growlers!
  • Ducky size: 14.5 mm x 4mm
  • Rectangular Scrubbers are perfect for cleaning carboys or demijohns 
  • Rectangular Scrubber Size: 1 inch x 3/4 inch x 1/4 inch
  • To use opposite scrubbing sides, simply flip the outer magnetic handle.
  • Scrubbers are made from Natural, Scratch- free material.
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