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Ss BrewTech One Barrel Chronical Fermenter - Brewmaster Edition

Ss BrewTech One Barrel Chronical Fermenter - Brewmaster Edition

  • $1,689.99

The One Barrel is made of 304 Stainless Steel with a capacity of 41 Gallons (1 barrel). Making it perfect for those who wish to brew a large amount of beer, whether that be for personal consumption or for a nano-brewing operation. In addition it also sports a beautiful polished finish that draws the eyes, making a visually stunning addition to any setup.


Included with the One Barrel:

  • Domed lid with a 3" TC port on the top
  • A custom fitted neoprene jacket
  • Custom designed butterfly valves
  • Rotating racking arm
  • Standard fitted FTSs chiller coil that installs directly to the inside of the fermenter
  • Stainless steel shelf at the bottom of the legs
  • 3" TC clamp, gasket, 3" TC cap
  • Internal electrically etched gallon marks
  • LCD temperature gauge
  • The 3" cap on the lid includes hole for airlock/blow off
  • The thoughtful design of the one barrel enables you to retain the domed lid for transfers
  • 1.5"TC flanges on racking/dump ports
  • Silicone Gaskets are of brewer's grade
  • The Volume markings on the interior of the one barrel are in both gallons and liters
  • The leg bottoms have 3/8" leg inserts