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Swingtop Flip Top Glass Bottle - Brown - 500 ml

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  • 500 ml high quality brown glass swing top bottle.
  • Including swing-top closure and red seal. 
  • Bottle holds carbonation. 
  • Perfect for homebrew, cider, mead and wine.
  • Approximately 35 bottles are required for a 5 gallon batch of beer
  • Can also be used for hot sauces, olive oil or vinegar.
Note: Brown bottles are recommended for beer to reduce the chance of 'light strike' due to hops reacting to sunlight.

A Note About Shipping Glass
While we strive to pack glass products very well for shipment, we cannot foresee what may happen to the package in transit. Even though it's rare that anything does happen, Toronto Brewing has a ship at your own risk policy for all glass products.

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