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The Yeast Bay - Lactobacillus Blend (WLP4682) LIMITED BETA RELEASE

The Yeast Bay - Lactobacillus Blend (WLP4682) LIMITED BETA RELEASE

  • $11.99

The Lactobacillus Blend includes three strains: Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus brevis and a strain of Lactobacillus isolated from a very unique brewer of American sour beers that returned a sequencing result of "uncultured Lactobacillus". Sure to please anyone with a knack for creating sour beers, it can quickly produce acidity across a wide range of temperatures. This blend can be used on its own for kettle souring prior to pitching yeast to create acidity quickly, or co-pitched with yeast to create sourness over time. It will produce a pronounced and rounded acidity that is the foundation of any complex sour beer.We recommend holding the IBU on the low end (< 2-3) if you'd like to use this blend to create acidity in a shorter time frame. Higher IBUs may result in very slow or no souring (testing is still ongoing to determine IBU at which lactic acid production is inhibited).

Temperature: 70-90°F
Attenuation: N/A
Flocculation: N/A

Source: The Yeast Bay