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German Northern Brewer Pellet Hops (2 oz)

German Northern Brewer Pellet Hops (2 oz)

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Bred in England in 1934, this variety was developed specifically for Scottish & Newcastle Breweries and originally grown in the North of England - hence its name. It has a high alpha content and is currently one of the main varieties in the German Hallertau region, where it has developed good aroma qualities by adapting to climate and soil. Northern Brewer is wiltresistant. 

Aroma Medium intensity with pine and minty notes 

Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose

Typical Alpha Acid Level:  7-9%

Typical Beer Style(s): Ale, Kolsch, Lager, Munich Helles, ESB, Mild, Brown Ale

Possible Substitution(s): Chinook, Galena, more...