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Triple Tap Tower Kegerator Kit (Sanke S)

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Interested in adding a triple faucet beer tower to your home bar? Considering converting a fridge to a triple faucet kegerator? This polished stainless steel tower triple faucet kegerator conversion kit is just what you need. Rather than waste time or money on cheap plastic or chrome plated towers, this stainless steel kit is built to outperform and outlast. Turn almost anything into a domestic commercial beer dispenser with tower!

A Note About Taprite Regulators: Taprite premium regulators are approved for use by all major breweries. Their shutoff valve is a ball-type check-valve that prevents product from backing-up into the regulator. Featuring a "Shut down" safety system that blows off at 55 to 60 PSI, the permanent quad-ring seal helps eliminate any sources of leaks.

Other Features:

Solid brass body
Extra long nipple
Heavy duty UL rated dual gauges
LH threaded ports with CGA 320 shank and nut


  • 3 Way Gas Manifold Distributor
  • 12 ft 5/16" ID Red Vinyl Tubing CO2 Gas Line (per foot)
  • 3 x Taprite Sanke S Coupler (European/Import Kegs)
  • 8 x Stainless Steel Hose Clamp (3/16" - 5/16")
  • Taprite Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator (Barbed)
  • Taprite Stainless Steel Triple Tap Draft Beer Tower