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Exchilerator | Brutus Pro Counterflow Wort Chiller

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Introducing the Brutus “Double Barrel” counterflow wort chiller! This is the ultimate counterflow wort chiller for small pilot to 5bbl systems. 

Boasting TWO full length copper barrels that provide over 50 linear feet of brutal wort chilling power. All condensed into a single square foot of space! Wrapped in the exclusive Exchilerator shell, this icy beast guarantees a cold break every time as it cranks out gallon after gallon of pitch ready wort in real time! There is no other chiller like it on the market and nothing else comes close. If you brew 10 gallon or larger batches of beer, think about treating yourself this year and experience a Brutus for yourself.

The Brutus is recommended for small breweries, larger home brewers, and anyone looking to cool large amounts of wort as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a flow rate of up to 4 gallons per minute, it can easily chew through a nano sized brew day in as little as 30 minutes. Smaller 5 and 10 gallon home brewed batches are a breeze and can be chilled to pitch-able temps in less than 3 minutes! Backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty against manufacturer or material defects, you can rest assured that the Brutus counterflow wort chiller is a built to last.

Exchilerator prides itself in creating only the highest quality products, built for brewers by brewers, and built to be easy to use and last a lifetime!

The Art Of "The Chill"!

Our wort chillers use a proprietary co-helical wrap inside an industry first PEX shell exterior. This creates (in our opinion) the most efficient wort chiller ever created for the homebrewing market. The wrap causes your cooling water to tumble, and use the most surface area against the heated copper coil as your wort flows through it. The integrated PEX shell provides more than twice the cooling power found in other counterflow wort chillers. This gives your wort more contact time with the cooling surface and sets a new standard for efficiency found in wort chillers.

exchilerator wort chilling wrap inside of counterflow chiller

Standard Connections Mean "Easy To Use"

Using standard connections makes brew day configuration a snap! Using 1/2" NPT fittings and common garden hose attachments means you can dress up or dress down your wort chiller with basic fittings found around the house or a full quick disconnect system purchased from our shop. Either way, chilling your wort will never be easier or more efficient than when you use an Exchilerator®.

5 Year Warranty Provides Peace Of Mind

As homebrewers they know that building out your brewery is a time consuming and expensive process. They feel quality products should be a staple of this process and strive every day to meet the challenges of creating only the best tools that provide the best experiences for our customers.

With the above in mind, they have spent years developing the Exchilerator® counterflow wort chiller using this very mantra and are so confident in both the build quality and material choices used in their wort chillers that they are proud to offer a 5 year warranty! Should any issues arise with your Exchilerator® directly from choice in materials or assembly process, they will repair or replace your Exchilerator® ABSOLUTELY FREE.