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6-Row Malt - Canada Malting Co. (55 lb)

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The preferred base malt of large North American brewers due to its larger husk content which is ideal for use in conjunction with adjuncts. Also an excellent base malt for use in wheat beer production. Higher enzymatic power than 2-row.  Used in American styles with higher percentage of adjunct grain.

Moisture % Max: 4.5
Protein Total Max: 13.0
Extract FG Dry Min: 80
Extract CG As Is Min: 78.5
Plump Min: 75

Recommended Maximum Usage: 100%, or 1-2 lbs. in a 5 gallon batch for improving mash efficiency.

Typical Beer Style(s): Any, Brut IPA, Beers needing low residual sweetness levels.

Possible Substitution(s): Pale Ale, Maris Otter, Golden Promise, Pilsner, Vienna, Munich