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2 Way Gas Manifold Distributor

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Distribute gas from your CO2 primary regulator to two different kegs. Simply connect the air line from your regulator into the 3/8" barb on the end of the air distributor. Connect 5/16" air line, to the number of check valves desired, and run them to your keg disconnects or sanke couplers.

  • Two-Way Air Distributor is perfect for dispensing up to two kegs at the same output pressure.
  • These Valves are without check valve mechanism.
  • Made of Aluminium. Durable and light.
  • Stainless Steel 304 Wall Mounting Hardware Included. 
  • 5/16″ ID gas hose suitable for 3/8″ Barb.
  • Valves working and maintenance are easy because of tilted design.