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5 Gallon New Ball Lock Keg (19L)

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Brand NEW 5 gallon, ball lock, stainless steel, product tank. With Double Rubber Handles (DRH) and a rubber bottom. Kegging your beer, wine or cider makes it available anytime in whatever size you like. Less time wasted bottling and the ability to pour off samples means your beer goes further.
ISO 9001. NSF certified.  

Keg maintenance: It's good practice to keep replacement o-ring seals and keg lubricant on hand as seals can become brittle and eventually stop sealing effectively. Replacing and lubricating the seals will ensure they last longer and that you don't loose any CO2 or have your beer go bad. Kegs should also be disassembled for cleaning and sanitizing between uses.

Dimensions: 5 gallon ball lock kegs are 25" tall x 8.5" diameter (63.2 cm x 21.6 cm). Allow a few additional inches of height clearance due to the connections and lines coming off the top of the keg.