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Anvil Brewing - Brew Bucket Stainless Steel Fermenter (7.5 Gallons)

  • $209.99

The Stainless Bucket Fermentor is the perfect fermentation vessel for 5-6 gallon batches. The small design enables it to easily fit inside a refrigerated unit for temperature controlled fermentation.

• 304 Stainless Steel - no risk of breaking like glass fermenters.
• Coned Bottom - clearer beer and the option to harvest yeast.
• Embossed Level Markings.
• Rotating Racking Arm lets you set the pick up point at or above the trub line.
• Includes Ball Valve, Air-Lock, and Stopper.
• Liquid Crystal Thermometer allows you to monitor fermentation temperatures.

Height - 19.5" to top of lid (Add 6.25" for airlock and stopper)
Width - 16.5" handle to handle
Depth - 15.25" including valve