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Countertop Drip Tray | Stainless Steel with Centre Rinser (45" x 7")

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This wide drip tray is compatible with a variety of draft beer towers. Don't let the corrosive effects of fluids ruin your bar. Install this countertop drip tray under your draft tower and enjoy years of worry-free pouring!

Most importantly, this beer drip tray includes a 4-inch threaded metal drain fitting that accepts a drain hose for reliable performance in dealing with the inevitable spills and drips that damage your wood.

The fully integrated 4" spray glass rinser makes it simple to clean your glasses. This rinser works by applying pressure to your glasses - water sprays and cleans them. The drain and rinser come with all of the necessary mounting hardware.

Drip Tray Features

  • Series Type Surface mount drip tray 
  • Finish Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions 45" x 7" x 3/4" 
  • Faucets up to 15
  • Drain 4"

Glass Rinser Installation Instructions:

  • Before installing a water rinser please check local plumbing codes.
  • Ideal water pressure for the rinser is 15PSI. Please install in-line water regulator if the street
    water supply has pressure over 15PSI.
  • In-line shut-off valve should be installed for the rinser system from the street water supply
    and it must be turned off nightly.
  • Install a shut-off valve for the water supply if line is not hard plumbed into the system.