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Still Spirits Distiller's Yeast Rum Turbo (1 kg)

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A specialist active dried Rum distiller’s yeast. This strain produces an optimum congener profile for full-flavoured, smooth and rounded rum spirit. Rum Distillery Yeast is an Osmophilic Saccharomyces Cerevisiae strain especially suited to 50:50 blend of molasses and sucrose fermentations to 15%ABV. Contains complete nutrition for rapid fermentation. Producing full, rich fruity aromatics, it also includes amyloglucosidase enzyme for breaking longer-chain sugars for optimum yield. 

NOTE: The Distiller's Yeasts range is designed for use when making spirits with traditional ingredients, i.e. whiskey from grain, rum from molasses, etc. It is recommended to use Turbo Yeasts for simple sugar washes.