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Abbey Malt- Weyermann (1 lb) - Toronto Brewing

Abbey Malt- Weyermann (1 lb)

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High degree of modification of both proteins and starches. Excellent friability. Low ß-glucan values. Highly acidic. Highly malt-aromatic. Adds deep-amber to red-brown colour, maltiness, body, and mouthfeel to finished beer. Contributes a honey, malt and mild nutty flavour. Promotes flavour stability.

Typical Beer Style(s): Abbey, Ale, Amber, Blonde, Trappist, Sour and Fruit Beers.

Recommended Maximum Usage: Up to 50% in strong European Beers. 3-7% for complexity in cream ales and pale beers.

Possible Substitutions: Aromatic, Melanoidin, Biscuit.