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Apex Cultures | Special Sour Beer Yeast (500g)

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Special Sour is a natural yeast strain (Lachancea termotholerans) that produces lactic acid while initiating alcoholic fermentation, in a novel, easy-to-reproduce process for any sour-like beer. Special Sour is an indigenous yeast, isolated from Burgundy premium grapes, which produces high concentration of lactic acid, the principal component of sour beers distinctive taste. Fermentation kinetics:

  • Sour beer styles (e.g., berliner weisse, flanders red, gose, American Lambic style, American Wild Ales, sour).
  • Fermentation kinetics: slow, requires sequential inoculation after 3 days at 64°F (18°C)
  • Fermentation temperature range: 61-75°F (16-24°C)
  • Apparent attenuation: 30%
  • Flocculation & sedimentation ability: medium
  • Dosage recommendation: 100-150 g/hL of 12°P - 20°P cold wort